Hullo World!

Emotional readers begin here:
It’s 8:00am on Sunday 1st November 2009 and I am going to start writing a Blog. The average reader may think these irrelevant or tedious to say, but there is a purpose to my overly long introduction, which to some they may also find irrelevant and tedious;

This day five years ago I started dating this girl, first girlfriend and all that jazz. This day five years on we are married, have been living together for over two years and have booked our third Holiday, our Honeymoon no less, together. The point to my emotional little introduction? Great things have happened to me on this date in the year, and I want this to be one of them.

Emotionless readers begin here:
My name is John, and I’m a student. As I write this I am in my third year of an Honours Degree in Interactive Digital Media (read Web Design and Development, Graphics Design, Design for Publishing and Design for Interactive Television) which I aim to Graduate with a 2:1 or higher. 2:1 is a realistic grade I reckon judging by my performance last year and the fact I want to do well. Now on observations of successful Web Designers and other people I deem interesting or succesful in some measure, they attempt to keep a blog going on progress and things they discover on their way. In an effort to further myself, I shall attempt to do likewise.

Where I begin is in a small state or panic, as is the norm in the middle of the term and at the end of it. It is at this point without fail that I see deadlines ahead and panic, yet do little to ease the burden on myself. I write this as a verbal way of kicking my own butt into getting me to change. I doubt very much that it will work but I tried.

While I would like to see myself as a Web Designer, I must confess that at the minute my Development skills are currently at an all time low. I effectively broke my own website last month and have done more damage since. On this revelation I would like to remind you all I did say Designer, not Developer. My second passion is Graphic Design, now I am not the best in the world at this either, however I have some practice and am lining up some more. I am currently the graphics designer for online persistant browser based game Gal-Com developed by Sordell Media. They happen to be developing an entirely new game at the moment and have offered me the chance to design the branding on the site from the ground up, where as I became designer on Gal-Com 9 years into it’s existance.

Other work possibly in the line is the chance to pitch new content to the BBC for the CBeebies website, which if successful might lead to a placement with them over summer.

Busy times ahead, I had better get started with serious amount of work.

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