Identity Crisis?

As some people may have noticed I’m in the middle of redesigning my website at the moment following a coding drought during the summer. I want something familiar while altogether my own, something professional but with my own identity.

For all intensive purposes I am completely lost. From my old site the one thing I liked was a particular shade of green, but little or nothing else. I like fancy artistic websites used by some designers but also like the smooth curved style used by many, I briefly tried a redesign using a hybrid and it all got a bit complicated. Possible because I was trying to do at least two other highly important things at the same time but hardly the point.

So where do I go from here? To be honest I’m thinking of spending a few solid days locked in a deadly battle with Photoshop to design the whole thing before I get coding. This may not be tomorrow or the next either owing to the approaching deadlines for University, but I assure you, it is by all means high up on my to-do list.

My main challenges at the moment is being Managing Director of a Graduate Enterprise Business and my Final Year Project. Not to mention my designing new content to pitch to the BBC for their CBeebies website on the 24th of this month which also ties into my design for an Interactive Television Service, which is also going to be entered to the BBC.

Is anyone else getting a bit lost? I sure am!

2 thoughts on “Identity Crisis?

  1. John,

    what you need to do is make yourself a brief. Be your own client (though you’ll soon discover you’re your own worst client!) – form a spec.

    Playing on Photoshop might create something interesting but this is, afterall, your brand. It must say something, do something and have decisions behind its elements.

    There are some really good resources on Smashing Magazine – article by Jacob Cass: and some ideas and tuts for more and

  2. Tom,

    Thanks for the advice, as with your Twitter feed, I find it very useful, those tutorials seem really good at a glance and I’ll check it in more detail later.


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