This morning I had a much needed lie in. Feeling refreshed and inspired by a recent out of the blue confidence boost I sat down to do so much needed work. My wife’s mobile rings, her step-dad, so I pass it over and turn back to the computer. After listening to her end of the conversation I could tell things had not went well at the doctors. She’s been told today they are going to start the birth tonight. Crap. When’s the next bus home? One hour. Crap. Run!

Now at this point I should say the baby was due at the end of the month with initial talks of her being taken in early next week, so we were completely unprepared. But seeing as I am writing this on the bus you can be safe in the knowledge we got everything sorted. And there was a lot of running involved! Did I mention we’re both from Northern Ireland and studying in England? That bits sort of important…

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