Review: Twitterrific vs. TweetDeck

So as someone that fairly enjoys using Twitter, for personal and business reasons I like to use applications on my iPod to post Tweets and monitor what everyone else is saying. Now as a student with money being spent on more important things (expencive rent for example) I prefer to use free apps. My Twitter apps of choice are currently Twitterrific and TweetDeck and below I’m going to describe why.


Twitterriffic is a free app for the iPod Touch and iPhone that allows users to set up multiple accounts with varied settings for each account. I personally use it to keep track of three accounts, my personal one, my company through university and the event brand that the company runs.


– Colour Coded Tweets
– Multi-account Set Up
– Nearby Tweets


– More Complex Layout
– One Account Posting

TweetDeck for iPhone

TweetDeck offers a set up that allows multiple accounts, including Facebook to be set up for a single or multiple column view. The great thing about TweetDeck is that you can update multiple accounts, Facebook and Twitter at the same time.


– Multi-account Set Up
– Multi-account Posting
– Simple Layout


– No Nearby Tweets Option
– No Colour Coding


And the winner is…


Personally I like both Applications. I recently deleted a lot of unused or similar apps from my iPod to save some space and make it neater and when faced with the option I saved both. Not only did both applications stay on my iPod but they managed to make it to the second tab, where all my important apps and fun games are kept.

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