Tutorial: Facebook Friends for Applications

A lot of Facebook applications make it “better” if you have a lot of friends playing the game, bonuses, better chances of rewards, ability to buy things if you have so many friends etc.

This however can be a security risk to those that are so eager to play these games that they will add pretty much anyone they see playing the game so that they can get these edges.

Admittedly I enjoy games, I have been playing games since my fourth birthday when my parents bought me the Nintendo Entertainment System. I also very much enjoy some of these Facebook games which encourage adding others that play it. To protect myself I made some changes to my account that reduces the risk of Identity Theft and similar security issues.

If the steps are confusing or if you get lost, the gallery at the bottoms shows the section titles to help you along.

Step One – Create a New Friends List

For step one you open your friends list up, and there should be an option at the top to “Create new list”. We call this list something like “App Friends”, which is what I have called mine.

Step Two – Account Settings

For step two we open our account options on the top right hand corner, which will open a drop down like with seven options, to advance we select Privacy Settings.

Step Three – Privacy Settings

In privacy settings we are presented with another list of options, you want to select Profile Information, which you can use to set who see’s different things on your profile.

Step Four – Custom Privacy

On the right hand side select the privacy drop down menu and select “Custom”. This will open a pop up box with an option that says “Hide this from”. In this box we type in the name of our list, for example “App Friends” and click “Save Settings”. Personally I recommend setting this up for the following profile sections at least:

  • About me
  • Personal info
  • Religious and political views
  • Family and relationship
  • Education and work
  • Posts by friends

Done – Finished!

Now most of your personal details will be hidden and should someone add you for the sake of an application, or if you chose to add some one. Stay Safe!

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