A Thought on Social Media

As part of my Dissertation at University I undertook research into social media and it’s use as a means of distributing marketing messages virally. To some that would sound like an excuse for a student to sit about on Facebook and Twitter all day and to an extent those people would be right. Not about doing nothing though.

You see as part of the project I developed a simple application for Facebook, created a Fan Page and a Twitter page associated with the Degree Courses at my University. I investigated user response to each product and the results showed that a Facebook Fan Page is the most attractive to customers.

Following the submission of my Dissertation (freedom!) I attended a Social Media Workshop by Tom Stables of Tom Stables Creative, mainly for fun as I enjoy using Social Media but also to help develop my awareness of it and to justify in my head at least what I had write in my Dissertation. Thankfully not only did I get it right but Tom also used examples in his Workshop that I had used as case studies. Result!

So, on Social Media here is my thought:

Use different Social Media for different things. Facebook provides a way of interacting easily on a business level with your customers; Use Facebook Events through your Fan Page to let them know of promotions or events you are holding, they can easily click Share and let other people know what is going on. On the other hand Twitter lets you put a person into your brand. Facebook can be used to generate sales no doubt, but Twitter is more about trust in a brand. If you engage in relevant topics and people then they can come to trust you faster.

Now to finish with something I learned at the workshop, here is a question:

What do you use Social Media for and does it work for you?

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