An Apology to Socks For Happy People

If they see this, Socks For Happy People may be a little confused, as far as they are aware I haven’t done anything to them apart from Retweeting and Sharing their messages on Facebook, not they are necessarily aware that I am doing that.

I have however in my opinion done them an injustice, for as I mentioned on my last Blog post I have just finished and handed in my Dissertation based on Viral Marketing and Social Media. As part of it I had a section on Case Studies of people and companies that I believe make excellent examples of why Viral Marketing, Social Media or a combination of both to spread their message and their brand. In this section I did not once mention Socks For Happy People and this is what I believe to be an injustice.

In my opinion Socks For Happy People are one of the most relevant users of Social Media on my Facebook and Twitter. They are so dedicated to their cause it shines through in all their posts and they take the time to thank those that who retweet their messages. They always interact back with those that interact with them, showing they aren’t a faceless company and go to lengths such as regular YouTube videos to make sure their message gets across and they show that they personally believe it.

It was only when I was commenting on their blog earlier today that I realised that they are so effective that I interact with them as frequently as possible and had the urge to hit my head off the desk when I realised exactly how good a case study they would have been. To this end, I hope Tom and Rich can forgive one sleep deprived student and accept this post as my way of telling the world not only about their product, but about their skill as marketers.

Sorry guys!

If you haven’t came across Socks For Happy People yet, you can find them here:

Twitter –

Facebook –

YouTube –

Blog –

Website –

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