Social Media and Beyond

So, as I have probably mentioned before, I like social media and networking. A Lot. So, when one of my favourite Tweeters invited me to meet over a brew, I jumped at the chance. I met the amazing Amanda Jackson, of Tigerfish PR to have a discussion about Twitter and the Social Networking world in general.

I must say I had a blast, it was great to actually sit down and have a drink (a great Italian Hot Chocolateto be exact) and discuss things with someone that I previously only communicated with via an on-line micro-blogging site. I would personally recommend (safety precautions in mind!) meeting up with other professionals like this, for a chat and to get to know each other better.

Getting to know each other online is great, but you can obviously say so much more face to face! I intend to meet Amanda again and I am hoping to set time aside to meeting with other Tweeters in the area occasionally to learn more about them and discuss things in more depth than is usually possible over Twitter or LinkedIn.

Personally, with the ongoing worry about the internet taking over our lives and we’re apparently becoming unsocial because of using social networking (unsocial socialising?) that this is a half way point, yes by all means have contacts that are only online, but if you work 5 miles from someone you communicate with regularly with why stay merely online contacts?

Perhaps this is stating the obvious and a lot of people already do this, but it’s not something I’ve heard a lot about, other than say LinkedIn groups dedicated to real life networking, but I say that is all well and good, but a one to one (or two to three) is great as well.

2 thoughts on “Social Media and Beyond

  1. Totally agree with you on this. I’ve been to numerous real-world networking events, and a lot of time can be spent having what you know are doomed conversations, but which you know that professional courtesy mean you have to see through.

    Social networking means you can target your conversations, not necessarily in a business focussed way, but purely on the level of conversations you want to have with people you want to have them with.

    And the bonus of real-world meeting when you know something about each other is that so much of the uncomfortable formality that exists at networking events is immediately removed.

    • Exactly, so many times when you approach people there is an uncomfortableness and sometimes that never goes away yet you are bound by politeness to stay there until both parties have said their piece.

      I may talk to the company that I network at about ways to maybe improve it, however they often say that they like the unknown face to face meetings at networking, so we’ll see how good my negotiating skills are!

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