Is Facebook Killing off Web Designers?

During the Summer in Northern Ireland I’ve noticed something. Fewer and fewer advertisements and flyers I’ve seen around say “for more information check out our website” followed by a web address. Something else is replacing the web site. Facebook Pages.

Now I am all for Facebook pages, I’ve used them to promote products myself. However I don’t believe that they are a replacement for a web site, which is what it appears they are being used for.

For those on a budget it must seem like a cheaper way, and easier for people to spread via the “suggest to a friend” button however businesses must remember that not everyone uses Facebook, for fear of security leaks and such, which Facebook has been in the news with recently. Some potential clients prefer to visit a website.

For almost a year when I first moved to England I personally avoided Facebook because of a lack of confidence in it. Now any bar or club or other venue that would have advertised information on Facebook would not have gained my custom.

And of course if a large number of business’s depend on Facebook then web designers would lose clients. More people without a job in the current economic climate cannot be considered good.

And what happens then, when web designers can’t get work and turn to other jobs and Facebook closes down, or change it’s functions? What happens when there are no free alternatives?

To conclude, Facebook for business isn’t wrong, it’s just not a solution on it’s own.

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