Eco Incentives

I’ve been thinking about a strategy for Business lately; pricing, offers and the like, as well as a want to try and help the world out a little. During this time I’ve also been applying to jobs as I may learn more from doing work for someone else for a while. Ultimately the goal is still to run my own company as part of my 5 Year Plan.

I’ve realised that it would be so simple for any business to help out the world a little. Take Socks For Happy People, the Social Enterprise that earns it’s wonderful owners money, while helping the environment and various people in need. Tom and Rich could have made a company that had a chance of making them rich, all profits to them, but no.

Recently I applied for a job with a gift company with a difference. Instead of sending a random object to sit in a cupboard for a year, allows people to give people the gift of a tree. No waste product and the gift benefits the environment.

Now as well as all this I have been reading Duncan Bannatyne’s autobiography “Anyone Can Do It”, which includes details of his charity work in Romania. One of his options at his Health Clubs is that customers can choose to donate 25p a month on top of their membership fees.

How hard would it be for companies to offer similar options? Or even offers working with charities or eco companies? For instance for offer client a discount if they purchase a tree from or a pair of socks from Socks For Happy People. Of course that would require companies to work together to provide a code to allow the discount.

Obviously in the current economic environment I’m not suggesting that companies get themselves into financial difficulty, but if you are making a very nice profit would it be so unthinkable to sacrifice 5% profit to help the environment? And this would create more business for companies that are trying to make a difference.

Perhaps my views are naive and when I start off business for myself I’ll find that it’s just not a viable option but personally I am going to try my hardest to make a difference in the world, if God graces me with the ability to be successful I think it would only be fair.

2 thoughts on “Eco Incentives

  1. Hi John, this is a thought provoking piece. It’s good to hear about companies with vision, passion and a great product who are also prepared to act with a social conscience.
    I’m sure you’ll have success with your own business – it’s clearly well deserved.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the support. I don’t mean to nag at people or try to force people, it’s obviously a personal choice, but even just having the option to donate, which wouldn’t affect personal profit seems reasonable to me.

    We’ll have to see what happens!

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