Do You Use Social Media or Do You Engage in Social Media


Do you use Social Media or do you engage in Social Media? You may be asking yourself what is the difference? And the easiest way to put it is the number of peers and customers you connect with.

To get the most out of Social Media you have to be engaged in it, it simply isn’t about logging on, talking about what you had for lunch then checkin later to see if anyone asked you if it was tasty, that is using Social Media. It’s ok if you use Twitter for personal use, but not if you are a business.

What is Engaging?

Engaging in Social Media is what is likely to attract your business peers and customers to your Social Media profile. You can engage in Social Media to do a number of things, sell products and services, give advice, talk about new products, even help people that are struggling to use your product or service.

The Classic Example

Take Dell, a now classic example. Dell used to ignore Social Media and had a reputation for bad customer service and when a Technology Journalist posted an open letter on his Blog about Dell they merely responded with a typical “We don’t deal with Social Media”. There was such a uproar on the Social Media scene that Dell changed their policy on Social Media. They now employ a dedicated team, a brilliant example is their Twitter service.

Dell has a team that monitors Twitter for people discussing computers and Dell products. Depending on what people are Tweeting the team may try and sell them a Dell Computer or Laptop. If they are having problems with their Dell the team offer them advice over Twitter and try and help them solve the problem.

Now that is engaging Social Media!

And Finally…

Do you think you use Social Media or engage in it? Do you know any other great example of companies that engage in Social Media? Leave a comment and get engaging!

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