Tutorial: Setting Up and Using Skype

This Tutorial suites two purposes, Skype is a very useful business tool, allowing users to call and video call each other for free. This allows users to have face to face, or voice contact with a company for no cost to either party, it’s a win/win situation! Secondly I need to tell my mother how to use Skype since we live in different companies, believe me, if she understands it, you will too (sorry mum)!

If the steps are confusing or if you get lost, I’ve posted a gallery at the bottom to help you along.

Step One – Download Skype

Firstly, go to Skype and click on the Get Skype link. There should be a button to take you to the page to allow you to begin the Download, below in the gallery I’ve used Windows so the pictures will refer to the windows installation.

Step Two – Installation

You should now be prompted to begin the installation by clicking on the I agree – install button, but please, make sure that you read the terms and conditions before agreeing!

Step Three – Registration

Skype should now open after the installation is complete, and if you have been following my tutorial, you won’t have registered yet, if you have, go to Step Four!

Click on the Don’t have a Skype Name? button and this will present you with the registration form which will ask you for:

  • Full Name
  • Create Skype Name
  • Password
  • Repeat Password
  • Email
  • Repeat Email

Once you have filled this in, press I agree – create account

Step Four – Log In

Skype may log you in automatically, regardless you will need to log in every time you use the service, unless you chose to log in automatically when started up, or even to start up and log in every time you turn the computer on. To log in you will need to input your Skype Name and Password and press Sign in.

Step Five – Adding Contacts

You will now be presented with the Skype logged in screen, on the left hand side there will be an option to add a new contact, it’s a button with a figure with a plus on it and the word New. This will open a drop down, select New Contact.

A new window will open giving you the chance to search for someone by their Skype Name, Full Name or Email Address, then click Find. You will be presented with users matching what you searched for. Ideally you will have asked someone for their Skype Name and will be able to tell easily. Click on the contact and click Add contact.

Step Six – Converse

Back in the main Skype window you should have a list of contacts (those you have added anyway) on the left hand side. Select the contact you would like to talk to, if they are online, the icon beside their name will be fully green with a tick, if the outline is green but the middle is white with a tick, it will be possible to contact them on their mobile, if you have Skype Credit. If your friend is offline the icon will be a grey outline with a cross through it.

When you click on the persons name a window on the right will open allowing you to chat, like MSN Messenger, or Yahoo! Chat or similar messaging programmes. If you would like to make an audio call, click on Call, or to video chat, click on Video Call.

Done – Finished!

You should now be talking to the other person in your preferred way, although to use the Call and Video Call options please ensure you have a compatible Microphone and Webcam!

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