iPhone 4 – How they should have addressed the signal problem

So I think it’s fair to say that the iPhone 4 suffered severely when it was revealed that there was a problem with the signal. I mean a mobile phone that losses signal when you move your hand over a certain part of the phone is surely a problem?

That’s not what I think…

The Walker Studios Approach

Clearly Apple should have just hired me to solve this, as to me there is a way of spinning this problem that they haven’t thought of, but I find blindingly obvious…

What’s that? I’m sorry I think you’re breaking up…

BANG! And the Cold Caller is gone!

How is that for good marketing?

Your Approach

So what pieces of bad marketing and PR have you come across that you have thought “Oh they should have just said…”? Have you been involved in turning a bad situation upside down? Leave a comment and let me and the other readers know!

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