Facebook and Google – The End of Flickr and JPEG?

Yesterday on Mashable there were two very interesting articles, one on Google and it’s new image format, WebP, which takes up less space on a server and is designed to kill of the JPEG and speed up website loading – Read Here. The other was on how Facebook plans to update their Facebook Photo’s platform to a level that it would be a serious rival for the website Flickr – Read Here.

The problem that Google has it that Flickr uses JPEG files rather heavily which will cause a big problem for them trying to make their WebP a standard file format. Unless…

Facebook and Google – A New Tag Team

Obviously Facebook and Google don’t get on in some respects, after all they are both heavily involved in advertising which puts them at odds, but if they could look past that for a moment they both could offer each other the opportunity to solve both their problems, AKA Flickr, if they act together.

But How?

Simple really. Google’s main problem is that Flickr using the JPEG format so extensively that what they need is a new field that is ready to rival Flickr, and use their format.

Enter Facebook Photo’s Update

Facebook are currently upgrading their service to act as a rival to Flickr, but let’s face they are kind of similar, and the upgrade to Facebook includes allowing higher resolution images to be displayed, whereas before there was a size limit, this will however, highly increase the strain on Facebook’s server.

Wait A Minute, I See Where This Is Going…

That’s right, logic (to me at least) dictates that Facebook will be looking to curb the increase to their server as much as possible, Google, are looking to get rid of JPEG’s with their faster loading files. So, if Facebook Photo’s uses WebP, not only will it have a top quality service that would rival Flickr, but would have a faster loading time thanks to Google’s new image format and their server load increase would be reduced that if they were using JPEG’s.

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with me? Do you think that working together could be a solution to both companies problems? Perhaps you disagree with me? Either way, leave a comment and let me know.

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