(Anti)Social Media Expert

Last night I attended the Annual Central Lancashire Business Event in the Pines Hotel in Chorley. Seeing none of the other usual Social Media people I know I thought to myself that this would be a prime networking opportunity. First though we had to sit through a few guest speakers.

First up, a Social Media Expert. Didn’t my confidence take a slight knock? I think so…

Enter the Social Media Expert

So he started off with some things I am familiar with and a few things I didn’t really know about and was starting to understand why he calls himself an expert. Finally he came around to Applications for Social Media, of course talking about some I knew and a few I didn’t. Next came his Twitter explanation.

“My Twitter is all automated, I use an application that searches keywords and automatically adds people. I also use it to Automate my Tweets.”

I actually shook my head in his direction.

What Is The Point?

So here we had this “Social Media Expert” telling people how to use Social Media and I couldn’t help but feel he missed the point. He was talking about taking the Social out of Social Media and that is not the way to do it. He boasted about his 2,000+ followers but I very much doubt that they all follow him for his brilliant advice.

The Walker Studios Way

Personal, personalised, direct tweets. I only ever automate tweets I would send normally, but know I won’t be available that day to tweet it, I will even tweet that content normally when I can. I won’t do follow for follow unless the person is of genuine interest.

I’m not so full of myself to assume I’m right, myself and a few others I know that attended that enjoy Social Media began Tweeting each other during and after the event and we all agreed that the point was missed entirely during his speech.

What Do You Think?

How do you use Twitter? Do you think I have it right, or do you agree with the other guy? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

1 thought on “(Anti)Social Media Expert

  1. I heard about this last night from you & your business colleagues on Twitter.
    Importantly people buy from people. In a highly e-connected world what matters is connecting with real prople in real time.
    Auto bots don’t have purchaing power nor do they make any sense.
    A great piece of advise from David Meerman Scott in his book ‘The News Rules of Marketing & PR’, “My therory is that if an agency can’t blog or tweet interesting content for themselves with any success, then they are going to come up short for clients as well.”
    You can’t sell your expertise if you “just plain stink at understanding Social Media” says David.
    Wise words! Regards, Jo Quinney

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