Preston TweetUp – BlogPreston w/ Stage9

Tuesday 12th October 2010 signalled my first TweetUp. I attended the Preston TweetUp held by BlogPreston with sponsorship from Stage9. By Sponsorship I of course mean them advertising themselves and the TweetUp a lot and bought everyone their first drink down at The Continental in Preston.

Official Preston TweetUp Logo Stage9 Logo

How can online communities strengthen offline communities?

This was the official discussion topic of the night, with Tweeters invited to circle the tables in the room and discuss how online communities can work to help people in offline communities. If something of interest popped up, or you wanted to be seen talking there was a large projector that was displaying the Twitter feed for the official Preston TweetUp Hashtag – #prestontweetup

My Thoughts on the Topic

I think what I summarised from the night was that online communities can gather resources and information together for people that they couldn’t find in their offline communities, strengthening their own knowledge and making it transferable to their offline communities and therefore building them up.

The Crew

On Tuesday I arrived early to meet up with Information Design, Robert Hempsall (@roberthempsall), a Twitter Contact I’ve had for at least the better part of a year but never actually had the chance to met, we had a chat before the others started arriving. Next I introduced myself to Joseph Stash (@JosephStash), co-editor of BlogPreston, and another contact I have tweeted before but never met.

Following that two nice girls from Stage9 arrived, Emma Booth (@EmzyBooth) and Lauren Pritchard (@laurenpritch) followed narrowly by Tom Stable (@tomstables) and Nathaniel Cassidy (@nwcassidy) of Duchess of Grange (@duchessofgrange). Emma was handing out the free drink tokens, making Tom, Nathaniel and I head swiftly to the bar.

Later on in the night Amanda Jackson (@amandatigerfish) of Tigerfish PR turned up completing the crew of people I knew/expected to see there that night.

Turn Out

In my opinion there was a fairly decent turn out at the TweetUp, there was a variety of people from different career paths and different Tweeting styles all together in one room, sharing, tweeting, laughing, joking and being generally very friendly.

I met some people now that I can only remember the Twitter handle of, because I follow them on Twitter of course, one of whom, known only as @JournoDanny, took this lovely picture of me, about 3 drinks into the night, and in a fairly entertained and engaging mood:

John Walker @walkerstudios

The Link

So you now know a little about the Preston TweetUp, if you want to look through the discussion online check it out on Twitter and don’t forget to take a look at BlogPreston and check out the next one when it happens.

What Do You Think?

Have you been to a TweetUp? Were you at the Preston TweetUp? Let me know the details and what you think!

2 thoughts on “Preston TweetUp – BlogPreston w/ Stage9

  1. Always appreciate a name check so many thanks for that John. I had a most enjoyable evening and it was good to catch up with some old twitter chums and connect with lost of potential new ones.
    I did feel that an opportunity was missed a little bit by not having some kind of badge or sticker for attendees to wear with their twitter handles on – but that’s probably just because I’m forgetful and visual reminders work well for me!
    As for the content of the evening itself I did think that the topic was so broad as to be almost unmanageable – it could in fact be the title of a pretty weighty thesis. All in all though an enjoyable night and I look forward to the next one.

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