Tutorial: Follow Friday on Twitter

While sitting at work the other day I saw a message flash up that Tweasier was looking for some guest content, and after asking them if I could join in they agreed. My topic of choice, Follow Friday. They mentioned that they have a blog post related to the subject, which is about a tool that lets you automatically sort out your Follow Fridays, see here for their post.


According to Mashable the #followfriday was devised by and first used by Mykl Roventine and some friends to help spread the word about people they thought others should follow. The tweets were picked up by others and began to Trend. Today there are different ways to Follow Friday, and I’m going to explain the three I see most.


The list is the classic Follow Friday style. A user simple states some people they know they think others should follow. This is how I did my first week or two of Follow Friday, but personally I prefer one of the later methods.

Example: #followfriday @user1 @user2 @user3 @user4 @user5 @user6 @user7

Defined List

This method is one I use when I’m stuck for time on a Friday, this is similar to the List example, but I think it’s a better option for it, you still list users, but you give people a reason. It can be informative and helpful rather than “I like these people, follow them!”.

Example: #followfriday some awesome web designers @user2 @user5 @user7


This is my favourite, it takes a bit longer, but it really focuses on the individuals or companies that you mention and really helps people find what they might be after.

Example: #followfriday @user2 as they have designed an excellent E-Commerce site for me and really know their stuff

How do you #followfriday?

Which Follow Friday method do you use? List, Defined List or Personalised? Maybe you use a different style, maybe you have seen others I haven’t came across, leave a message and let us all know!

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