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Wednesday 1st June saw myself and some others from the Social Media Advice scene head down to Number 5 in Blackpool’s Cedar Square to take part in Aunty Social Connected for an Introduction to Social Media, lending a hand to representatives of Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector (VCFS) organisations in Blackpool.

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Introduction to Social Media

Nathaniel Cassidy handled the general introduction to Social Media, explaining the figures behind Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn.

Following this Duncan Hodgson explained the local figures, showing the attendees exactly how vast the opportunity to connect via Social Media in Blackpool really is.

Social Media Surgery

After the introduction the audience was stirred up, most of them were on Facebook and LinkedIn but it became apparent that to most of them Twitter remained elusive with most of them not having an account. Surgeons to the rescue!

The surgeons broke off and helped a group or two of attendees each. I dealt with the Blackpool end of the UK Online Centre and the Blackpool Motor Neurone Disease Association. I discussed with them how to Tweet, how to Reply, how to Retweet and how to Mention someone so that others could see with following both parties.

John helping the Blackpool MND Association a helping hand with twitter


Overall I believe the event went well, there has been some chatter on Twitter about the whole thing and talks with Aunty Social about having another one, and perhaps running them on a monthly basis.

Twitter has a number of new users and hopefully over time we will see them blossom and become active members of the Tweeting community. I’ve linked to those I helped above, check them out and send them a welcoming Tweet. For tweets from the night and to see more check out #blackpsms

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