The Walker Studios Challenge #walkerstudioschallenge

It’s been a while since I blogged. Mainly because I haven’t had internet, and haven’t even been back online a full week yet. I have been however considering what to do when I got back online, other than a few things here and there that needed done for some of my clients.

An idea has struck me, brought about with inspiration from Jonny Rose and from my cousin Ryan Murphy. A Challenge occurred to me, one that should be fun and new to a lot of businesses, at least the ones I know, and that had the potential to give their business some exposure.

A Business Challenge you say?

Yes… And no! Not just a business challenge, but a challenge for charity groups and individuals. For charities it will help raise awareness of those you are trying to help and the work involved with what you do. For individuals it will be just a bit of fun, trying something they maybe have tried before, but not given it the full attempt.

Right… So…

What is it? I thought you might ask that, drumroll please!

The Walker Studios Challenge

  • Acquire Video Recording Equipment – Laptop with Webcam built in, Computer with USB Webcam/Microphone, Video Recording Phone etc. etc.
  • Record yourself as much or as little as you want, one week at a time.
  • At the end of the week compile the weeks events using Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere or whatever video editing package you have on your PC/Mac as a VLog.
  • Upload the Vlog to your YouTube Channel – Don’t have one? Perfect time to start!
  • Share it with the world and me! Post the video to your LinkedIn, Facebook Profile and Page, Twitter and any other methods of letting people know. Also, send me a link to the Video, for me to share with my audience over self same mentioned Social Networking Sites.
  • Repeat!

A VLog?

Yes, what a lot of people are beginning to realise is that YouTube is one of the worlds most powerful search engines. Some reports list it as the 4th most powerful search engine, some list it as number 2 and I am inclined to think it’s the 2nd most powerful, why? Simple! Google, the worlds Number 1 Search Engine owns and powers YouTube.

So, by submitting video content to YouTube, and sharing it via Social Networks, we aim to spread the message about your business/charity/daily life with the world, if you aren’t talking about yourself on YouTube the way you do other social networks, you aren’t going to be found on YouTube!

My work/private life is confidential

You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to! It’s YOUR Vlog. Ideally the more you put into it, the more your audience will learn. If you have a confidentiality agreement with a new client, just say you’ve signed an exciting new contract with a client to deliver a new (insert what you do here) and details will come following release.

So What do you get out of it?

Exposure. You’ll be opening yourself up to a new channel of people, and people taking part in the challenge will be encouraged to watch each others videos and share them. I’ll be sharing them as well, so I’ll be probably exposing you to audiences you don’t normally reach, and maybe my audience will know someone that needs your service/wants to help your charity/find your life interesting and want to know more.

Essentially it will be like Networking, no strings attached (kind of) video networking with a potential to reach a lot more people than you normally would reach.

What do I get out of it?

Well, here’s the hardest part, it will cause you pain, suffering and potentially a nasty rash.

I would appreciate it if those that took part did a video at the end of the Challenge to say how you found the experience, if you think it helped and what you have learned from following what I’ve asked of you during the challenge.

Ok… Why?

Since I’ve left Preston I have put Walker Studios on Hiatus, to look into potential other business ventures, gain a qualification and to look for a Graduate Job in Web Design, Graphics Design or Online Marketing/Branding etc so I can enjoy the friendly team environment I missed while working for myself.

The clip, should you choose to participate will be to go in an Online CV and part of a “Hire Me!” campaign, so I’m asking a favour in return for what I hope will be something that you will enjoy and get something out of.


Challenge: 4 Video Blogs (VLogs)
Start Time: 5th September 2011
Finish Time: 30th September 2011
Who’s It For: Businesses, Charities and Individuals
Cost: Your Time
Aim: to further knowledge of your brand/charity/existence


1 thought on “The Walker Studios Challenge #walkerstudioschallenge

  1. At last. The Walker Studios Challenge is revealed after what seems like weeks of teasing one liners, and for me at least … I like the idea.
    Positive and fun at the same time. And as mentioned above you will get some lovely exposure whether you are an individual, business, charity or other organisation.
    In a society which seems to be dictated by the Me Me Me attitude this should be a great way to talk about yourself whilst getting lots of other people or businesses involved and noticing you.
    Great idea and I for one will look at doing this – need to dig out and dust off my camcorder and organise myself.
    Hope to see you all online with your VLog’s in the near future.

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