The Twitter Activity Tab

Sooner or later you are all going to notice a big shake up if you visit the Twitter Website, assuming you haven’t already. Twitter has done away with the old @Mentions and Retweets Tabs and replaced them with two new gems, the @username (for me @walkerstudios) and Activity Tabs.

Activity Tab on Twitter

Activity Tab on Twitter


New! Activity
View favorites, follows, retweets and more by people you follow in Activity.
View your mentions, tweets that were retweeted and more in @.

This is Activity in Twitters own words. The first few days you log in when receiving the Twitter Activity Tab you’ll see these words flash up beside the Activity tab to tell you how to use the new tabs.

Activity Tab is reasonably simple, it shows you what your contacts have been up to such as who they have followed, what they have retweeted and even what they have favourited. It gives you a much more in-depth look into what the people you followed are doing and be a useful tool for finding new people to follow and other interesting content.

Inside the Activity Tab

Inside the Activity Tab


The @username Tab combines the old @Mentions and Retweets Tabs Twitter used to offer, and also shows you who has started to follow you. This combined tab should prove very useful for users as it combines information that used to be spread over two tabs, and e-mail notifications into one useful on site location.

The @username Tab

The @username Tab


The premise of the Twitter Activity Tabs should prove exciting and useful to the majority of Tweeters, however there has been a backlash among the community. A large number of people I follow have been seen complaining about the new functionality as it isn’t as streamlined and easy to read as the previous @Mentions and Retweets Tabs:

thegregling complaining about Acitivty Tab
welcomebrand complaining about Acitivty Tab
zakia_akhtar complaining about Acitivty Tab

Personally I cannot say I am a massive fan of the new Twitter Activity Tabs. I normally however use my Android mobile for accessing Twitter so it wouldn’t have such a drastic effect on my Twitter usage, but having my phone sent to be fixed I have to say it’s been more noticeable. I can assure you however that you do adjust to it over the course of a few days.

Have Your Say

I’ve shown you what some of my followers think, now it’s your turn to tell use how you feel about the new twitter activity tabs, leave a comment below!

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