#YOUDRIVE the Advert

For a few years now I have been preaching the power of Social Media, and in Northern Ireland it has fallen somewhat on deaf ears. In England it caught on, but not to everyone, but Northern Ireland really don’t seem to get it. Last night, something happened that I hope the majority of businesses in Northern Ireland saw. A Television advert of two parts was aired on UTV (ITV/STV) that asked users to vote for how they wanted the second half of the advert to go via Facebook and Twitter.


The first advert ran just before X Factor, featuring a couple driving the New Mercedes-Benze A-Class and being chased by police. The advert then went into a split screen as the couple are making up their mind whether to hide or evade the police, and this is where it got interesting. Mercedes and the television networks allowed users to go on Twitter and Facebook and make the decision of what the second half of the advert would be using the hashtags #HIDE or #EVADE.

Hashtag #WINNING

In my eyes this was a massive win for the stand-off between conventional marketing and Social Media Marketing, as the two seem to be viewed as separate things. I’ve always preached that the two should be used together to blend and maximise company exposure and that is exactly what Mercedes have managed on a large scale. They used conventional Television advertising with Social Media to allow users to shape their advertising campaign. In my personal opinion this was #WINNING for Social Media.

Do you see the light?

How do you feel about Social Media, do you think this advert was a great idea or just a lame attempt that did nothing? Express your views below.

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