4am Workload

Deadline week is upon us at UCLAN, starting with Professional Practice handed in earlier this afternoon. A simple task really, pretend you are applying for a job, fill in a CV, covering letter, application form and write an analysis of the job you’re applying to. How hard can that be?

Apparently harder than I thought owing to the fact I went to bed at around five this morning, despite having started the work for this last week. I spent fruitless hours banging my head off a desk in the Media Factory trying to do as much as i could. Having left some of my work at home I finally gave up and went home to work. After a very early morning snack I sat down at the computer and pushed out what I hope to be a reasonably good analysis coupled with the rest of the required contents. What the heck is with the ability to problem solve at 4am? Really?

Tonight we may well see a repeat peformance with FYP work needing done, on top of the Interactive television assignment that will need reworded and packaged up to be sent to the BBC. I’ve been to the shop, got my energy drink and now I just have to wait to my wife finishes work before I sit down to another 4am workload.