Tutorial: Follow Friday on Twitter

While sitting at work the other day I saw a message flash up that Tweasier was looking for some guest content, and after asking them if I could join in they agreed. My topic of choice, Follow Friday. They mentioned that they have a blog post related to the subject, which is about a tool that lets you automatically sort out your Follow Fridays, see here for their post.

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Tutorial: Setting Up and Using Skype

This Tutorial suites two purposes, Skype is a very useful business tool, allowing users to call and video call each other for free. This allows users to have face to face, or voice contact with a company for no cost to either party, it’s a win/win situation! Secondly I need to tell my mother how to use Skype since we live in different companies, believe me, if she understands it, you will too (sorry mum)!

If the steps are confusing or if you get lost, I’ve posted a gallery at the bottom to help you along.

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Tutorial: Facebook Friends for Applications

A lot of Facebook applications make it “better” if you have a lot of friends playing the game, bonuses, better chances of rewards, ability to buy things if you have so many friends etc.

This however can be a security risk to those that are so eager to play these games that they will add pretty much anyone they see playing the game so that they can get these edges.

Admittedly I enjoy games, I have been playing games since my fourth birthday when my parents bought me the Nintendo Entertainment System. I also very much enjoy some of these Facebook games which encourage adding others that play it. To protect myself I made some changes to my account that reduces the risk of Identity Theft and similar security issues.

If the steps are confusing or if you get lost, the gallery at the bottoms shows the section titles to help you along.

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