I would like the Earth and the Moon… for £35

When low on projects, or when seeking that extra bit of money to buy something nice for someone’s birthday I check my e-mails for the latest from PeoplePerHour.com, a place where you place bids for work that others have posted. It can be a way of acquiring clients and projects normally beyond your location.

It seems like a really good idea. Until you take the fact that about 5% of all things posted have a realistic budget

People Per Hour Logo
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Facebook and Google – The End of Flickr and JPEG?

Yesterday on Mashable there were two very interesting articles, one on Google and it’s new image format, WebP, which takes up less space on a server and is designed to kill of the JPEG and speed up website loading – Read Here. The other was on how Facebook plans to update their Facebook Photo’s platform to a level that it would be a serious rival for the website Flickr – Read Here.

The problem that Google has it that Flickr uses JPEG files rather heavily which will cause a big problem for them trying to make their WebP a standard file format. Unless…

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The Launch

If you look closely at my Twitter, Facebook or this blog even you may have noticed something new and different. For instance, the main point of call even, my logo has changed. That would be because Walker Studios is no longer a student portfolio of work, but is now fully operating as “Walker Studios – Multimedia Design & Social Media Solutions” (holds for applause).

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Deadline Madness

Well it’s every students least favourite time of the semester, deadline time. With a solid amount of work due, or presentable tomorrow I must say the panic is starting to kick in. Tomorrow alone I have to present my Graphics progress to the entire class, and present my concept for an Interactive Television Application, which is partnered to what I’m presenting to the BBC on Tuesday.

On a happier couple of notes I’ve made some progress with my portfolio site, having realised I was overcomplicating my CSS, serves me write for getting a normal summer job eh? And my Logo for upcoming Text Based Game, Virtual Nations, is nearly ready after a few revisions. Just need to make a few changes and hopefully I’ll be able to avoid having to Vector another part of the Earth!

Cbeebies Ahoy!

I am currently working on a concept for the BBC’s children’s section for 2-6 year olds, Cbeebies.  This is through University as the BBC is running a competition to come up with a concept for their Web Site.  I’m getting excited about this as it also crosses over into my work for Interactive Television, which is useful as they want proof that the ideas are capable of migrating to other Media.

Hopefully this will help me get motivated for other work I have to do, such as my DVD Box cover for my Applied Graphics class.  Although I have discovered the difficulty of getting outside people involved in projects as my Models for the Photography have been completely unresponsive since our first meeting in October, and I’m due a progress report in the next week.

Lesson of the Week: Contingency Plans are a good thing