The Walker Studios Challenge #walkerstudioschallenge

It’s been a while since I blogged. Mainly because I haven’t had internet, and haven’t even been back online a full week yet. I have been however considering what to do when I got back online, other than a few things here and there that needed done for some of my clients.

An idea has struck me, brought about with inspiration from Jonny Rose and from my cousin Ryan Murphy. A Challenge occurred to me, one that should be fun and new to a lot of businesses, at least the ones I know, and that had the potential to give their business some exposure.

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I would like the Earth and the Moon… for £35

When low on projects, or when seeking that extra bit of money to buy something nice for someone’s birthday I check my e-mails for the latest from, a place where you place bids for work that others have posted. It can be a way of acquiring clients and projects normally beyond your location.

It seems like a really good idea. Until you take the fact that about 5% of all things posted have a realistic budget

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AuntySocial Connected – Social Media Surgery Blackpool

Wednesday 1st June saw myself and some others from the Social Media Advice scene head down to Number 5 in Blackpool’s Cedar Square to take part in Aunty Social Connected for an Introduction to Social Media, lending a hand to representatives of Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector (VCFS) organisations in Blackpool.

Aunty Social Banner

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Verdict On The Second @PrestonSocial – Featured on BlogPreston

Preston Social Setup - Chairs and Microphones
It’s been two months since the last Preston Social, but on 26th April it returned to the New Continental to bring Prestonians together to discuss social media. On the cards this time was a discussion on geo-location, mobile applications like Facebook Places, FourSquare, Gowalla and more, lead by Josh R who organises Social Media Cafe Manchester, and Information Designer Robert Hempsall.
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@FLUX500 2011 – An Experience

FLUX 500

A month or so back I entered myself into a miniature competition at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to be part of their team of 6 travelling to Bristol to take part in a Annual competition ran by Working Knowledge, known as FLUX500.

Having been chose to represent the University, myself and 5 others travelled to Bristol, the location for this years Flux. Here is a rough account of my experience there.
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Opinion: A UCLan Graduate On The Fees Increase – Featured on BlogPreston

Introduction by Joseph Stashko

John Walker is a former student of UCLan, where he studied interactive digital media. He now runs the multimedia design studio Walker Studios.

Yesterday the University of Central Lancashire announced that they would raise the tuition fees to the maximum amount set by the government from autumn 2012. This sees the cost of a single year at the university rise from just shy of £3,300 to £9,000, an increase of almost 200%.
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LinkedIn us together, oh Twitter!

Recently, Nathaniel Cassidy of Duchess of Grange wrote a Blog entitled “Never link your social media profiles!“, which is ironic because I had in the works (AKA my head) a plan for a similar post.  Rather than “reinvent the wheel” as Nathaniel did an excellent job with his post I am going to refine mine down to a specific.  Do not have LinkedIn automatically update with your Tweets.
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Viral Video Sensation – Ted Williams

YouTube has performed a miracle for a man named Ted Williams, who until the posting of a video on YouTube was homeless and using his “Golden Voice” to earn a few dollars on the side of the road in America.

The Columbus Dispatch Videographer, Doral Chenoweth III, filmed a quick interview with Ted after coming across him at the side of the road and uploaded it to the video sharing website YouTube, where the video went Viral, with one copy, uploaded on the 6th January 2011 by RussiaToday boasting 6,374,157 views at the time of writing.

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