The Best Customer Service and the Worst Customer Service – In 1 Store, In 1 Night

Today, after finishing my part time job my wife and I decided to dander around a few shops in the Retail Park to have a look at gift ideas and a few other things. While there my wife decided to enter Carphone Warehouse to find out more about the present she was considering buying me. There we were served by a girl called Amy who gave one of the best examples of Customer Services we have witnessed. Then we went across the shop (it’s an all in one store) and received the outright worst example of dealing with a customer I have ever witnessed in Game.

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Do You Use Social Media or Do You Engage in Social Media


Do you use Social Media or do you engage in Social Media? You may be asking yourself what is the difference? And the easiest way to put it is the number of peers and customers you connect with.

To get the most out of Social Media you have to be engaged in it, it simply isn’t about logging on, talking about what you had for lunch then checkin later to see if anyone asked you if it was tasty, that is using Social Media. It’s ok if you use Twitter for personal use, but not if you are a business.

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