An Apology to Socks For Happy People

If they see this, Socks For Happy People may be a little confused, as far as they are aware I haven’t done anything to them apart from Retweeting and Sharing their messages on Facebook, not they are necessarily aware that I am doing that.

I have however in my opinion done them an injustice, for as I mentioned on my last Blog post I have just finished and handed in my Dissertation based on Viral Marketing and Social Media. As part of it I had a section on Case Studies of people and companies that I believe make excellent examples of why Viral Marketing, Social Media or a combination of both to spread their message and their brand. In this section I did not once mention Socks For Happy People and this is what I believe to be an injustice.

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A Thought on Social Media

As part of my Dissertation at University I undertook research into social media and it’s use as a means of distributing marketing messages virally. To some that would sound like an excuse for a student to sit about on Facebook and Twitter all day and to an extent those people would be right. Not about doing nothing though.

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